• Breaking News…

    Petit Pays releases a new Album. The New album from Moh Kukouri Productions titled “Renaissance” is now ready for download. In his new album, Petit pays brings a cultural rebirth of his musical career with themes from the 80s through the 90s, based on the reawakening of Makossa love the strengthens till today….Go get it…..

  • Casser La Baraque

    Petit Pays releases a new Maxi Double Single. The New “double Single” album from Moh Kukouri Productions titled ” Casser La Baraque” is now ready for download. After Fourteen years of silence, L’orchestre International – Les Sans Visas De Petit Pays is back with what many have called a “spicy taste”of mixed Makossa love and

  • FRANCE-CAMEROUN-MUSIQUE: Petit Pays… Le Monstre Vivant Triomphe au Trianon

    Après un tour des médias Français qualifié de réussi, c’est dans un cercueil à peine fermé que RABBA RABIT a fait son entrée dans la salle surchauffée du Trianon. Habitué des grandes scènes, l’avocat défenseur des femmes, comme il aime bien se qualifier, a transcendé cette salle de spectacle du boulevard de Rochechouard et a

  • Petit Pays has his own reality TV show!

    Rabba Rabbi: Petit Pays has launched his own reality TV show! It is titled ‘Ma vie de superstar’. The artist, a living legend wants to show a glimpse of his life as a superstar via the show! It airs on STV, a Cameroon Television Station. The first episode of the show is out. We shall

  • 2016 Tour Dates

    Petit-Pays in the US Petit-Pays in the UK Petit-Pays in Germany Petit-Pays in Italy Petit-Pays in France Petit-Pays in Canada Petit-Pays in Australia Petit-Pays in The Netherlands Petit-Pays in Spain Petit-Pays in Switzerland Petit-Pays in Belgium Petit-Pays in Austria Petit-Pays in Sweden Petit-Pays in Denmark

  • Petit Pays – USA Tour

    In collaboration with the Orphan kids help foundation(OKHF) ” The king of “Makossa love” makes his biggest come back. Petit Pays Effatta 2015 USA tour and promotion of his new album “classe superieure”. Enjoy petit pays of the past, the present, and the future. All in one live concert. Links will be posted soon.

  • Classe Supérieure

    Finally, that’s it! Petit Pays -Effatta, the new album, “Classe Supérieure” Vive La Fondation des L’orphelins, USA (OKHF ) was released in 2015. To purchase copies (CD+DVD), Visit OKHF or OKHF and you can also download the complete album @ cdbaby, or cdbaby

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